EXTRA! EXTRA! THE HABER GROUP has officially joined the PXT Select™ Authorized Partner Network

THE HABER GROUP has officially joined the PXT Select™ Authorized Partner Network and can now provide PXT Select™ assessment solutions to organizations throughout North America. PXT Select is a next generation selection assessment that makes the very human decisions about hiring simpler and smarter. As a PXT Select™ Authorized Partner, we play an active role in sustaining and promoting the value of assessment solutions and is dedicated to helping organizations build better, more productive, and happier work forces.

“We are delighted to welcome THE HABER GROUP to our talented PXT Select Authorized Partner Network,” said Julie Straw, VP of Assessments at Wiley. “Their dedication to delivering a simpler solution for hiring and developing top talent significantly contributes to our shared goal of building better workplaces.”

PXT Select, a Wiley brand, offers superior selection and employee-assessment solutions that fill the gap between the résumé and interview. These high-quality, research-validated tools provide actionable data about candidates in an easy to understand format that helps simplify and improve hiring processes. By identifying the most suitable candidates, organizations reduce turnover, boost employee engagement, and ultimately invest in improving their workplaces.


Steve Haber, 513 368 7203​

About PXT Select™
PXT Select was built on the legacy of the ProfileXT®, a flagship selection tool from Profiles International, a company that provided talent management tools to clients worldwide for over 20 years. In April 2014, Wiley acquired Profiles International and has worked with the former team to strengthen the company’s focus on innovation and collaboration. As a result of their combined efforts, the PXT Select brand was born in January 2016 and joined Wiley’s successful suite of workplace solutions. PXT Select makes the very human decisions about hiring simpler and smarter and helps organizations select and develop the right people. Learn more at

This Fist of Ours!

In a critical thinking skills workshop we facilitate, we perform an exercise called “The Fist.”  During the exercise we pair up attendees and have them take turns at putting fists under their chins while the other, without touching or using physical action, has a short window of time to convince the other to remove his or her fist from their chin.  It is a fantastic experience that has no right or wrong answer.  Either they do, or they don’t.  Pretty simple.